Producing chair covers, sashes, overlay, table cloth and napkins for Northern American market for many years.

Damask Design
Printed Check Stripe
Organza Floral Print
Wide Lamour Satin
Sequin Table Overlays
Check Table Cloth
New Fabric
Chair Covers
Lace Chair Hoods,Lace Overlays, Lace Sashes
Spandex Chair Covers, Lycra Chair Covers
Pinch Chair Covers
Rouge Pleated Chair Covers
Sashes & Chair Ties
Expand Bands
Spandex Bands With Round Rhinestone Brooches
Table Cloth, Napkin
Table Skirting,Box Pleats Table Skirtings
Spandex Table Covers, Cocktail Table Covers
Colour Charts of Shinny Satin
Colour Charts of Lamour Satin
Colour Charts of Spandex
Colour Charts of Organza
Colour Charts of Taffeta
Colour Charts of Chiffon
Colour Charts of Scuba Fabric
Colour Charts of VISA & Damask
Burlap Hessian
Crepe Satin
Swirl Damask A01
Wellington Damask A60
Versailles Chopin Damask A10
Eden Damask A72
Embroidery Organza Sashes & Overlay
Rosette Taffeta
Ribbon Taffeta, Ribboned Taffeta
Pre Tied Bows,
Elastic Taffeta, Pinched Taffeta
French Pleating
Tartan Check
Crinkle Satin Crinkle Taffeta
Pintuck Taffeta Pintuck Satin
Shinny Warp Knitting


Turquoise Expand Bands With Gold Buckle

Turquoise Expand Bands With Gold Buckle
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